MACON COUNTY R 1 SCHOOL DISTR AEL Instructor in Chillicothe, Missouri

Responsible for the coordination and direction of all aspects of the Adult Education and Literacy class assigned to the Chillicothe class site.i This position will teach three evenings (Tues, Wed, Thurs.) each week and pays $16.00 per hour for a total of 11 hours per week.The duties of the Adult Education and Literacy Teacher shall include:A. Program Duties 1. Attend local and state PD workshops.i (Workshops are reimbursed.)2. Maintain a monthly staff time sheet.3. Provide the director with all required records and reports.4. Assist in the selection and development of instructional materials.5. Investigate and pursue professional and educational development, membership and growth.6. Perform any additional duties as prescribed by the director.iB. Classroom 1. Develop and maintain community awareness and contacts for the Adult Education and Literacy program.2. Execute systematic recruitment and follow-up plans for adult education and literacy students.3. Develop and provide an individualized program of learning for each student.4. Provide for and supervise maintenance of student folders.5. Direct, guide and evaluate student progress.6. Cooperate with the WIOA caseworker (whose position is to provide guidance and referral information to students for needed services, job information and additional educational or vocational information.)7. Perform any additional duties as required by the director.Adult Education and Literacy teachers should have the following characteristics: Pleasing and warm personality. Ability to relate to and get along with people. A friendly attitude and sense of humor. Confidentiality, patience and compassion. Excellent organizational and communication skills. Enthusiasm and creativity. Desire to work hard daily to complete needed tasks. Basic computer skills.Submit by mail or email a letter of application and resume to the following:i Lydia McClellan, Macon Career Center, 702 North Macon St, Macon, Mo.,